Month: August 2018

LGBTQ+… And Pedophiles?

Think minor attracted people want in on the LGBT+ community? Think again.

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Why Nathan Larson Does Not Represent Most Pedophiles

By now, you may have heard the news that Nathan Larson, who is (safely, we can say was, at this point) a Virginian congressional candidate, has certain views about child sexual abuse, rape, and the sexual exploitation of children that are enough to make anyone sick to their stomach. And yes, they have been confirmed….

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Your Arguments Against Pedophiles… DEBUNKED!

I have been on Twitter for a long time, and I have seen a range of arguments being presented to pedophiles. Chances are, if you are arguing with me, I have addressed what you have said before. Some of your points are logical, some are not, and some are based in a misunderstanding of the…

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Challenging Negative Thoughts In The MAP Community

There are many concerns that the MAP (Minor Attracted Person) community faces. Often, those concerns have far more to do with stigma than they do with being attracted to minors. But how can that be? Well, take a little trip with me for a moment. You read news articles where they use the word “pedophile”…

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Yes, I Did “Get help!” Already

For those who may not know, I am one of the rare pedophiles that came forward for professional help. A little over five years ago now, I had worked myself into a mental place where I hated my attractions because of being abused, and I thought my attraction meant I would hurt a child. So,…

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Fact-Checking Snopes’ Fact-Check On Pedophilia

Several times, I have contacted Snopes to tell them their fact-checks on pedophilia lack merit. Each time, I have told them that pedophilia is not the sexual abuse of a child, but the sexual attraction to children. Each time I see a new Snopes article discussing pedophilia, they keep making the same mistake. So, what…

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Dolls, Manga, And Fictional Outlets For Pedophiles

Before I begin this, I need to share with you the very beginning of my journey as an advocate. In the beginning, I relied on a website that seemed to have some solid information on helping those with pedophilia. The website stated that 95% of child sexual abuse is preventable because 95% of child molesters…

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Adam Lanza, Aspergers, and Pedophilia

  By now, you have likely heard the news that in addition to having an obsession with mass shootings, in addition to being a gun nut living with a paranoid gun nut, besides not being medicated for having Aspergers, Adam Lanza, the man who opened fire in Sandy Hook, killing 28 people (mostly children) supposedly…

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On Christian Pedophiles Hating Themselves

Recently, I have been working with a young man who has a sexual attraction to children (young boys) and, like me, comes from a religiously Christian background. Some of his thoughts and ideas give the impression that it is morally right for pedophiles to hate themselves for their attractions to children (the idea that pedophilia…

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How Someone Becomes A Pedophile

  For those who do not know, I advocate for the primary prevention of child sexual abuse, or stopping it before it can happen. I want to ensure there are methods in place to get people to a healthier mindset before abuse happens, and methods in place so that those who may be at-risk for…

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