Month: August 2018

American Non-Thinker: Normalizing Pedophilia?

Ah, political blogs. Do you read them often? I do not so much, but I do enjoy critical thinking, and I noticed an article earlier this month from a blog that purports to be oriented around thinking: American Thinker. My first red flag should have been the first comment on the article: But I get…

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Is Pedophilia A Sexual Orientation?

There has been a bit of hubub in the news lately, as the BBC released an interesting article written by a 60-year-old pedophile who claims to have pedophilia, which he deems a “deeply distressing sexual orientation.” This has set off an uproar on social media, and has now been covered by RT, The Daily Caller,…

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My Experience With Sexual Abuse… And Pedophilia

None of the people who sexually abused me were sexually attracted to children. None of them had a criminal history. All of them were people I knew and trusted, and that had a significant impact on my perspective of the world. Not only has that been my experience, that is also what the statistics about…

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Can Pedophilia Be Changed? The Scientific Community Says…

The scientific community, as with homosexuality, has not reached complete consensus because there are holdouts suggesting that it can be changed. In fact, I recently was informed by someone I very much trust and respect that a Canadian researcher had found evidence that sexuality can change. There was also a news article suggesting the same….

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Why Minor Attracted People Are Not A Risk To Children

Why minor attracted people are not the risks you have been led by the media to believe, and why your gut reaction is harmful to preventing abuse.

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