Right now, there are places in the world where a certain type of children are being bought and sold like common commodities. They are shipped from place to place, in secret, often internationally. They are exploited and used without any regard to their feelings or well being. They are provided for the sole purpose of servicing adults sexually. Their little bodies subject to any and all manner of unspeakable acts, used as if they are nothing more than toys.

Okay, full disclosure, these particular children are toys, but what right does that give anyone to sexualize and defile them? Sure, they may be made entirely out of plastic, or latex, or silicone, or whatever the hell they make sex dolls out of these days, but they are still children. Children who are being provided to satisfy the sick desires of the most evil, subhuman, filthy creatures on the face of the planet, pedophiles.

Fortunately this tragic and atrocious phenomenon has not gone unnoticed by the governments of some of the more compassionate and enlightened nations of the world. The artificial child sex trade is a scourge that people are waking up to everywhere, and people are demanding action. It is because of this awareness that countless artificial children will not be made to suffer the artificial trauma that might have been their lot in life. Because of this, they will no doubt be saved years of artificial therapy with artificial therapists to recover from their artificial pain, and the world will be a kinder place.

If you haven’t picked up on my sarcasm by now, stop reading immediately. This is not the blog for you.

I’m pretty sure anyone with half a functioning brain will agree that child sexual abuse is bad. Even many pedophiles understand and believe that children should never be interfered with sexually by adults and that age consent laws serve a legitimate purpose in protecting children from people who would take advantage of them. (Shout out to my fellow Virpeds.) However, the degree to which modern society has taken it’s zealousness to protect children from sexual harm has begun to lead us far beyond common sense solutions and off into the real of the hysterical and the insane. This hysteria includes but is not limited to arresting and prosecuting people for sex with inanimate objects, as well as possession of drawn and computed generated images.

There have been a number of cases recently of people around the world being arrested for such “crimes” when the items (child-like sex dolls) they purchased were discovered entering the country. Normally these people have resided in either Europe, Australia or North America. The country the dolls seem to all be coming from is Japan, where apparently they have slightly more tolerant, dare I say sane, attitudes towards behaviors such as sex with inanimate objects that may or may not look like children.

Sadly, whenever I’ve seen an article about what I’ll call the child doll sex trade, the comments at the bottom of those articles have typically been overwhelmingly in favor of prosecuting the purchasers of said dolls. Not to mention in favor of doing cruel and unusual things to to said purchasers. Who would have thought that making love to a lifeless piece of latex would be an act deserving of a slow and painful death?

As one might expect, a lot of the comments I saw associated with these articles didn’t even make any sense at all, and made comparisons between pedophilia and other phenomena that not only missed the mark, but sounded silly doing it. One such comparison I heard more than once was that of pedophiles to serial killers. The thought more or less being, “What’s next? Providing serial killers with dolls they can act out their fantasies on?”

Now, anyone who knows what they’re talking about, including experts who study pedophilia, will tell you that pedophilia and the things that motivate homicidal manics are not even in the same psychological ballpark. Not even close. It’s like comparing apples to giraffes. (Apples to oranges isn’t different enough.) Still, let’s work with the example anyway, shall we?

If someone were inclined to stalk and murder other human beings, and that person wanted to act out the fantasy with a non-human surrogate victim, what would prevent them from obtaining an ordinary department store mannequin, taking that mannequin home, and stabbing the shit out of it? To be honest, if someone were inclined towards such things, I’d prefer that they resorted to using the mannequin as an outlet as opposed to say, my sister or my mom, but that’s just me, I guess.

Continuing with this example of the homicidal person and his unfortunate department store mannequin, if this scenario were to play out in real life, and someone were to catch the “offender”, can anyone imagine anything being done about it from a legal standpoint? Can you imagine a 911 call?

“911, what’s your emergency?”

“Yes, you have to help! I can’t believe what I’ve just seen! My neighbor….. my neighbor came home today with what appears to be a female mannequin.”

“Ummmm…… what? What’s your emergency?”

“No, no… you don’t understand! That’s not all! Just now, I was looking over there and, well, I didn’t mean to, I mean… I wasn’t trying to be nosy or anything, but for a moment, I could see through his living room window, and well, he had the mannequin and he was….. STABBING IT WITH A KNIFE!!!!!”

“My god! Ma’am, stay calm and lock your doors! I’m sending the SWAT team immediately!”

Does anyone really think that’s how such a call would play out? I’m going to say no. I’m going to say that the operator would probably laugh you off the phone. If they did send anyone, the cops at most would ask the mannequin slasher a couple of questions. Then, they’d roll their eyes and walk away thinking, “what a weirdo”, and that would be it. That’s even in a case where the mannequin being stabbed was a childlike one. Stab that same childlike mannequin with your dick though, and you could be in some serious legal hot water.

Is the absurdity of the criminalization of child sex dolls coming through any clearer now?

The criminalization of victimless acts which simulate child sex haven’t been limited to life-like dolls either. In many places around the world, people have been arrested and prosecuted for drawn and computer-generated images which portray children in a sexual light or engaging in sexual activity. No children have been harmed, and there is no evidence that the people viewing such media have or will harm children, but they have been made criminals anyway, for what amounts to essentially nothing at all.

Some may say the the people who are found to be in passion of such material are deserving of punishment simply because “it’s sick”. Ok, fair enough. Let’s accept that it’s “sick”. The fact of the matter is, lots of people do things in private that, while harmless to anyone else, most others would consider icky, or creepy, or sick, and they do not have to worry about the police knocking on their door, arresting them, putting them in jail, then adding them to a registry that marks them as social pariahs for the rest of their lives.

Also, much like the example with the mannequin, there are artificial things that could be worse and that would be unquestioningly protected by free speech and/or privacy rights. If someone drew or created computer generated images of a bunch of murdered and mutilated children, would they also be going to jail? I certainly don’t think so. Especially not if the creator were to claim the that images were supposed to represent something about the cruelty of a bleak and uncaring society or some such thing. Then, it’s just art. Controversial art perhaps, but art. However, put the illustrations of the mutilated children side by side with computer generated CP, and which would portray the greater atrocity? Why then, could someone be imprisoned for the latter images and not the former?

At the end of the day, the most compelling argument people in the camp who support the criminalization of all forms of artificial child sex have is that it encourages actual child abuse and that people who resort to any form of artificial child sex will eventually decide that’s not enough and go on to abuse real children. The problem is that there is not so much as a single shred of even anecdotal evidence to support that assumption. That’s all it is, an assumption. A baseless, knee-jerk supposition made mostly by people who have little to no understanding of the issue and certainly not of pedophilia itself.

Speaking as someone who is a pedophile himself and therefore has a pretty deep understanding of the issue, if anything, it’s the opposite. To me, common sense would dictate that it would be better for pedophiles to have as many harmless and victimless outlets as possible to discharge sexual energy. People who are sexually attracted to children are going be sexually attracted to children one way or the other, until the day they die. Providing or denying them sexual outlets is not going to change that, one way or the other.

If I were a teleiophile and a parent, I’d think I’d want pedophiles to have child sex dolls and artificial CP. The more the better. Hell, not only do I think I’d want to to be legal, but mandatory. I can see the government program now…. “If you’re a pedophile or are in any way sexually inclined towards children, come to you local department of health and pick up your free child sex doll! We can provide child sex dolls of all shapes and sizes! Take it home! Fuck it all you want! Just stay away from real children!”

To be honest though, the availability of such sexual outlets probably makes little difference either way. Pedophiles who have a mindset that inclines them towards actually abusing children are a already a danger to children. I really don’t think that fucking a doll is going to magically make them any more or less dangerous. Pedophiles who already have or already do abuse children probably aren’t going to be satisfied with a doll. Pedophiles who are committed to not acting out and not abusing children aren’t going to make love to a child doll, then snap and decide to betray everything they believe in and willfully harm a child they care about.

With all of that having been taken into account, this is really just another issue of personal freedoms and individual liberties. In a truly free society, any person who is inclined to should be able to purchase any sexual aids they chose, including lifelike dolls, of any shape and size, made to the likeness of any age group, for any reason. Would the availability of a childlike love doll keep me from abusing a child real life? No, because I wouldn’t and won’t abuse a child in real life anyway, with or without a doll to live out my fantasies with. The reason I should be allowed to purchase such a doll, without fear, is that it’s a victimless act, and it’s none of anyone else’s goddamn business what I do when I’m completely alone, in the privacy of my own bedroom.

Not that I’d buy one if I thought I could. I mean, how good could a lifeless piece of silicone or latex or whatever really be? Also, storage and cleaning would probably be a pain in the ass. Although I suppose I could probably find somewhere to keep it, but I’m not sure it would be worth the hassle. Not to mention they are pretty expensive, from what I’ve heard. Although everyone takes MasterCard these days, don’t they? What is my credit limit again? I’m not close to maxed out……

Ok, I’d totally buy one.