MAP Fact-Finding Team & Reporting Information

This article serves as a reference point for reporting harm to children to the proper authorities, as well as resources that can be used to cease illegal activity.

Reporting Information

For general issues involving the sexual exploitation or abuse of a child you need to report visit the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children online tipline:

Be aware that filling out this information WILL make the investigative process take SLIGHTLY longer because it gets vetted by experts before it goes to the law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction. If you know where the person resides, such as a state or country, it is best to contact that law enforcement agency directly. You would want to search, for example, “[place] police contact information.”

For general issues surrounding things that are FEDERAL crimes in the United States of America visit (for example, cyberstalking, using public information to harass, etc.):

For suspected illegal content depicting actual children, or the promotion of child sexual abuse on Twitter, please visit:

Resources To Help

The best current guide, including leads on where to find a specialized therapist, to serve minor-attracted people can be found here:

From there, you can utilize the numerous resources available on the page to seek the appropriate help. The same page can be used to find resources for generalized sexual health/behavior issues.

MAP Community Fact-Finding Team

Note: The final version of this team, including members and information, is not yet finalized. What follows is preliminary information that may be updated in the next week or two.

The purpose of the MAP Fact-Finding Team is not to usurp the position of law enforcement agencies or interfere with the reporting process, nor is it to investigate vague claims made against the MAP community. It is not to investigate victimless incidents involving cartoon drawings nor issues with DID/alters that arise between two consenting individuals. The purpose is not to prevent people from seeking help from ceasing illegal activity they may be engaged with, nor reporting people who may come to any member of the MAP Fact-Finding Team in search of said help, within the boundaries of their own local laws.

The purpose of the team is to advise people where they can report if they feel illegal activity has occurred, referring them to this article, and determine what steps need to be taken to watch, warn, remove someone causing a security risk, or give notice of any risk to the MAP community as a whole. It is strictly to ensure that individuals presenting a risk to minors or the rest of the community are brought to the awareness of the rest of the MAP community so that proper protective action can be taken.

Team Members:

Myself (@TNF_13)










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