This is going to be a pretty short entry. Just felt I needed to clarify a couple things regarding pedophilia vs hebephilia and point out that, while they can be two distinct and different things, there is a bit of overlap between the two.

Pretty much anyone who knows me and who I’m also out to as a MAP knows I consider myself to be an exclusive pedophile. I’m not attracted to adults at all, and I tend to lose any attraction I have to a given kid when they become visibly pubescent. That said, my rough AOA tends to be 8-12. I do not consider myself a hebephile at all, but I often hear others when speaking of minor attraction say that pedophiles are generally attracted to 10 and under, whereas hebephiles are attracted to 11-14 or so. I’ve even heard this coming from professionals from time to time and from others who should be in the know. For my part, I honestly think that categorizing the two philias that way is a little off, and that it doesn’t account for the bit of overlap there is between pedophilia and hebephilia.

Now I realize that all kids develop differently and that there are 11 year olds who look 14 and 14 year olds who look 11. However, if we’re talking about an average kid, I’d say that the average 12 year old is usually still pretty attractive to me, while the average 13 year old is not anymore. That’s because the average 12 year old still looks more like a little kid than a teenager. Sure their body may have started puberty but usually not in ways that are very visible just yet. That’s why someone who is exclusively a pedophile may be attracted to the average 12 year old whereas someone who is an exclusive hebephile may be attracted to the exact same kid.

If I had to categorize pedophilia vs hebephilia via age range for the general public, instead of saying pedophilia is 10 and under whereas hebephilia is 11-whatever, I’d say pedophilia is 12 and under whereas hebephilia is 11 and over. There isn’t a distinct line there because puberty isn’t an abrupt event that happens overnight. As an exclusive pedophile, I’ve known exclusive hebephiles and it’s not at all uncommon for us to agree on the attractiveness of given children who are at the upper end of my AOA and at the lower end of theirs.

It’s not as if I, a pedophile, and a hebephile I might know, could both be acquainted with the same 11 year old kid, with me being attracted to that kid and the hebephile not, then the kid goes to bed one night on a Friday, and when they wake up on Saturday, the hebephile is now attracted to them and me not anymore. That’s not how it works. Prepubescent kids don’t encase themselves in a cocoon where they go through a rapid metamorphosis and come out the next day a young teen.

To illustrate my point a bit further, have a look at this extremely shitty venn diagram I made. This was the best way I could think of to give a visual representation of how people should understand pedophilia vs hebephilia. Unfortunately I’m not that savvy when it comes to creating my own graphics on the computer and what have you, so I just used MS Paint. I know, I know. What am I using? Windows 3.1 or something? Fuck you.


So anyway, there you have it. That’s the difference between pedophilia and hebephilia with the bit of invariable overlap between them that typically exists. If any of my buddies who have Twitter accounts would mind tweeting this out for me, I’d appreciate it. Not that anyone did that for the last piece I wrote, ya bastards. 😠

I kid, I kid. It’s my fault I deleted my Twitter account. Not that I’m considering putting it back up. Thanks in advance though if I can get this tweeted out. If not, I love you all anyway. 😁