…is not really what you think it is. It is a statement against hatred, stigma, and bigotry. Well, you people should be stigmatized, you protest! Why would you want to rape children?!?! Well, the thing is, we have no such desire. At all. I think I speak for most minor attracted people when I say that we are very protective of children, especially those we have an emotional connection to. Most of us have some variation of sexual, romantic, and emotional attraction to children, sometimes in combination, sometimes by itself.

While there are some whose minor attraction overlap with other sexual preferences, minor attractions and anything it overlaps with typically do not present any risk. Why? Because we are just like you. We understand that to be sexual with a child is off-limits, and though some of us part in questioning why, and even fewer sexually abuse children, the majority of minor attracted people are fully capable of realizing the harm that child sexual abuse does and is capable of causing. The horror stories are not new to us. In fact, many of us were affected by abuse as well (science is still figuring out what causes minor attraction, though).

Pride In Its Proper Context

The lack of critical thinking around why minor attracted people might choose to adopt the language of LGBTQ+ pride is truly astounding. Adoption of this language is not any attempt to “join” the LGBTQ+ movement, as I have covered before. The point is be unashamed, and to refuse to be stigmatized for it. Why? What undue stigma do we face? I have written about that too from the research on stigma.

The entire point of pride is not that we are somehow “proud” of attractions we never chose to have, the point is to counter the stigma. What kind of stigma? Well…

So, with that being said, let me break down the meaning of the flag as I understand it (which is not necessarily the original intent word-for-word, and no, I did not create the flag):

About the origin of the flag, we have this:

My View On Pride

I am absolutely proud of some things. I work hard on preventing sexual abuse. I am proud of my commitment to not harming kids. I am proud of weathering the hateful comments of trolls to have a lot of success in reaching people about what preventing sexual abuse looks like: On Twitter, I have over a thousand followers and my website gets over 1500 people per week, which is impressive for a one-man operation. This blog gets about 500 people per week these days. Those are all things to be proud of for sure.

The thing is, those are all behaviors that I chose to do, not a sexual attraction that just happened. I cannot feel pride – nor will I shame myself – for things that are not a choice.

What I am most proud of is providing support to other minor attracted people so they can share my commitment of never harming a child, and so they can go on to live healthy lives and even pass on that support to the next generation of minor attracted people.

No amount of hate can ever outweigh those positives, or the amount of positive feedback I have received over the years.