Update, 1/7/2021: Twitter unsuspended Global Prevention Project. Over 100 MAP accounts and support accounts remain suspended.

It is with incredible anger that I report that not only have I been suspended from Twitter with zero reasons given over the weekend, and today, January 5th 2021, the Global Prevention Project. Previously in 2020, Twitter has suspended MAP Support Club and many prominent minor attracted people who are very much against abuse. I wrote before about how Twitter’s October change in policies are nonsense ignore science and harm prevention efforts. Now, it seems, Twitter is specifically targeting professionals who believe in the goal of primary prevention.

To those minor attracted people who are reluctant to support organizations that make sex abuse prevention their focus, thinking that it is not our responsibility to support them, let me say that you are wrong. Why are you wrong? Because prevention is not just about preventing sexual violence, primary prevention is also the goal of having good, healthy outcomes for minor attracted people.

Before that, let me briefly explain why Twitter is taking this atrociously harmful approach. This approach started when Twitter began partnering with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children – which may sound like a good organization, but let me assure you they are the single biggest threat to minor attracted people because they focus on reactive approaches and policies and work directly with law enforcement organizations.

It continued last year when Twitter publicly shared its list of “child protection” organizations. However, many if not most of the organizations that work in the area of sexual violence are not organizations that put facts first. NSPCC and ECPAT have previously promoted the banning of fictional materials, despite no evidence that they are harmful, and NSPCC has advised against roleplay. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has a longstanding habit of pushing reactive policies, not primary/secondary prevention, and Canadian Child Protect has posted hatred for minor attracted people outright and blocks people such as myself that ask difficult, evidence-based questions.

In short, not only is the situation dire for minor attracted people with their change in policies in October, the situation is dire for MAP wellness, civil rights, and the prevention of sexual abuse as a whole. Individuals and organizations need to organize, collaborate, partner together, and fight back. You cannot afford to sit on the sidelines if you care about children.

There are several ways you can help right now, from your device:

  • Donate to MAP Support Club, Prostasia Foundation, Stop It Now!, and other prevention organizations.
  • Join MAP Support Club or Virtuous Pedophiles as a MAP or ally.
  • Get involved
  • Write your local newspaper about this attack on prevention.
  • Contact your political representatives to express your concern.
  • Talk about it on social media! Share this article! There are social media links at the bottom of the page.

The best thing that stops sexual violence in its tracks is the free flow of information and educating communities about how, why, and where it happens.

Censorship of people and organizations involved in prevention will enable sexual violence and poor mental health, and Twitter and its partners are directly responsible.