Are you? I think one of the most disgusting, abhorrent things you see as a minor attracted person is people advocating for the end of pedophiles, for the deaths of minor attracted people. That we do not belong in society, that we are better off dead.

We are your children. We are your coworkers. We are your friends, your family, your beloved. Why do you want us dead? What did we do to you? Are we all responsible for the pain of children who have been sexually abused? Every single one of us, even those of us who would take a pedophilia-be-gone pill if it existed? Do you think this is honestly a solution? Are you even trying to come up with a solution? Or are you just trying to virtue signal in front of your friends by picking on easy targets?

The fact is, every single time you joke about killing us, you are joking about genocide. Now, I am not Jewish, so I cannot say for sure, but the empathy and sociologist in me says they would probably feel really fucking horrible about people joking about genocide no matter who the fucking target is. Do you hate Jews? Black people? Gays? No? Then why is it okay to hate us as a group for something we didn’t ask for, most of us don’t want, and isn’t volitional?

To make yourselves feel good? At the expense of others? Go fuck yourself if you think that way. You’re just as bad as the treasonous fuckwads that terrorized the US Capitol on January 6th.