Month: August 2022

What Do Minor-Attracted People Want?

There are undoubtedly misconceptions flying around about what our goals are as minor-attracted people. So, first let me be clear that different groups of minor-attracted people have different goals. There exist a substantial amount of old timers that want liberation I think is their new phrase. They want an end to MAP oppression in all…

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The War Against Minor-Attracted People As A Minority

Yes, as a minority, you read that correctly. Since minor-attracted people compose less than 10% of the population, that makes us a minority. I believe minor-attracted people are in a worse position than the LGBTQ+ community was in the 1980’s because for our cause, there is no shortage of factual information. There is this blog,…

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Who Exactly Are Minor-Attracted People?

Minor-attracted people are hated because we exist and are misunderstood. Humanity traditionally does poorly when they don’t understand something, and who can blame them for questioning an unknown variable? However, when smart people say sane things that don’t fit the popular narrative, it would behoove us to listen, because it makes an unknown and potentially…

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