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Normalizing Pedophilia Is Bullshit

The phrase “normalizing pedophilia” gets thrown around a lot, often an accusation levied against people seeking to prevent sexual violence by promoting support and resources for people who may be at-risk for sexual violence, such as pedophiles. However, this phrase is nonsense. It is an attempt to evoke emotions such as fear, rage, and disgust…

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A Year of Supporting Minor-Attracted People

I was 14 years old when my life changed forever. That was when I realized that the ages of people I was attracted to weren’t increasing as I got older.

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A History of Minor-Attracted People And Our Forward Progress Towards Acceptance: Part 1

Minor-attracted people already get a bad reputation, but some of it is historically well deserved. I know, not the opening line you would expect, and I imagine there are many within the MAP community that will be Very Unhappy (TM) that I am writing let alone publishing something like this. Well, I believe that in…

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