Category: Morality And Reasoning

Pride… for Minor Attracted People

What is MAP pride, and more importantly, what is it not?

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Strategy and Activism

Discussion around strategy and activism in the MAP community.

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An Ideological War On Minor Attracted People

What if there is currently a war against a group of people? Are you willing to fight?

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MAP Community Culture And Choices

What kind of community do you want to see?

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No Bullies Allowed!

Apparently, some in the MAP community are puritans.

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5 Lies About Pedophiles

You probably believe at least a few of these.

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MAP Advocacy Needs Work

A plea to the MAP/pedophile community to improve on its advocacy.

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Pedophiles, Fantasy, Desire, And Rape

This is a topic that is controversial even for pedophiles. Before you begin this, take a few deep breaths, and set aside your fears. We are about to dive into a topic that most people would rather avoid, but when we talk about people with an attraction to children (pedophiles), we need to understand what…

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You’re a Monster, Piece of Shit, Danger to Children, Etc.

“You’re a monster. You’re a piece of shit. You’re a danger to children and society. You’re inherently evil. You’re the lowest form of scum on Earth. You deserve to die painfully.” Etc, etc, etc….. Any of us who’ve been putting ourselves out there as pedophiles for any amount of time have probably heard these types…

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The (not) Reasons I’m Anti-Contact.

For nearly 20 years now, I have been outspoken on the internet about my pedophilia and about my anti-contact positions as a pedophile. I have done this in various places and under a number of different aliases, but my stance on the core issues of the matter have never changed, regardless of who I found…

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