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The (not) Reasons I’m Anti-Contact.

For nearly 20 years now, I have been outspoken on the internet about my pedophilia and about my anti-contact positions as a pedophile. I have done this in various places and under a number of different aliases, but my stance on the core issues of the matter have never changed, regardless of who I found…

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Pedophilic Disorder and “Distress”

These days, most people who study pedophilia consider it to be an orientation and not necessarily a disorder. This isn’t a topic I like to get into much discussion or debate over because, to me, on a personal level, it doesn’t matter much. I am a pedophile and I will always be a pedophile, whether…

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Acceptance Is The Only Answer To Pedophilia

It sounds like the last thing society should do, right? Accept that pedophiles, people with a sexual attraction to children, exist among us. Not just accept them, but to let them be around children, and treat them like human beings as well. After all, pedophiles are responsible for harming children… right? …Wrong. Actually, the majority…

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Why pro-contact pedophile arguments are bullshit (by a pedophile)

Pedophiles (or MAPs) can be moral human beings who never hurt a child, despite their attraction. Don’t be suckered by those who say it’s OK to act on it or those that claim it’s inevitable you will. Hi there, fellow MAP. MAP stands for “Minor Attracted Person” and it applies to you if you have…

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What do these “MAPs” want? Why are they on twitter??

This is, in a nutshell, why it’s a good idea there are NOMAPs on twitter. I’m a non-offending MAP. “MAP” stands for “minor attracted person” and is a more sciencey term for what is conventionally called a pedophile. Which probably made you shudder. However, I don’t do bad stuff to kids because I am that…

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The Complexities Of A Pedophile Coming Out

Many times, pedophiles have a huge fear around coming out as a pedophile to friends and loved ones. Many of us have heard the horror stories: Pedophiles getting outed, kicked out of the house, losing jobs, friends, family, even committing suicide. So, we must ask the question… What Do Most Coming Outs Look Like? Absolutely nothing…

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LGBTQ+… And Pedophiles?

Think minor attracted people want in on the LGBT+ community? Think again.

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Your Arguments Against Pedophiles… DEBUNKED!

I have been on Twitter for a long time, and I have seen a range of arguments being presented to pedophiles. Chances are, if you are arguing with me, I have addressed what you have said before. Some of your points are logical, some are not, and some are based in a misunderstanding of the…

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Dolls, Manga, And Fictional Outlets For Pedophiles

Before I begin this, I need to share with you the very beginning of my journey as an advocate. In the beginning, I relied on a website that seemed to have some solid information on helping those with pedophilia. The website stated that 95% of child sexual abuse is preventable because 95% of child molesters…

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How Someone Becomes A Pedophile

  For those who do not know, I advocate for the primary prevention of child sexual abuse, or stopping it before it can happen. I want to ensure there are methods in place to get people to a healthier mindset before abuse happens, and methods in place so that those who may be at-risk for…

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