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Who Exactly Are Minor-Attracted People?

Minor-attracted people are hated because we exist and are misunderstood. Humanity traditionally does poorly when they don’t understand something, and who can blame them for questioning an unknown variable? However, when smart people say sane things that don’t fit the popular narrative, it would behoove us to listen, because it makes an unknown and potentially…

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MAP Pride Day

Today in the year 2022 CE and month of June on the 13th day, I formally declare this day to be MAP Pride Day. It was on this day in 2015 that Ender Wiggin first published his first article for Pedophiles About Pedophilia, and in honor of him and his work to normalize pedophilia,I’ve decided…

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Normalizing Pedophilia is Cool, Trendy… and Prevents Abuse

You see this term thrown around all the time: Normalizing pedophilia. It sounds scary, and that’s the point. The people who coined the term want you to be scared – of the topic, of pedophiles, and they want you emotional. They don’t want you to think critically, and that’s the problem.  First, let’s start with…

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Real Reasons to Stop Putting Pictures of Children on Social Media

I read a cringe-worthy article today that posits the solution to protecting children from predators is to be more careful about sharing pictures of children on social media, and not educating people on how and why child sexual abuse happens and what we can do to prevent it in the first place. Apparently people think…

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A Year of Supporting Minor-Attracted People

I was 14 years old when my life changed forever. That was when I realized that the ages of people I was attracted to weren’t increasing as I got older.

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The Allyn Walker/Old Dominion University Controversy

If a 14-year-old came to you, let’s say they’re a relative or a friend, and they are super nervous and say they need to talk to you and tell you something… how would you respond? What would your thought be? They’re obviously scared. You say sure. They look at you and briefly make eye contact,…

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Are you willing to kill your own child?

Are you? I think one of the most disgusting, abhorrent things you see as a minor attracted person is people advocating for the end of pedophiles, for the deaths of minor attracted people. That we do not belong in society, that we are better off dead. We are your children. We are your coworkers. We…

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Gene Abel is the Poisonous Mushroom of Child Protection Science

To minor attracted people, Gene Abel is mostly a name that is hated. In some academic circles, he is still regarded as a hero to modern-day child protection. Most people who are not familiar regard his facts at face value without digging into it. In this article, I want to explain to the average reader…

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I Told My Dad I Am A Pedophile

It took me a full ten minutes to say this six word sentence to my Dad. He was getting impatient as it was quite uncomfortable seeing me squirm and cover my face with my hands for ten minutes straight.  “Come on.. What’s up? Just tell me already.” “I like girls younger than me”, I said…

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MAP Sensitivity to Victims/Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

There are many issues in MAP culture that are easy to overlook, and possibly the most important issue is how sensitive we are to other marginalized groups. Unfortunately, many of us are somewhat tone-deaf to the plights of other marginalized groups – especially victims/survivors of child sexual abuse. In this article, I will explore some…

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