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5 Lies About Pedophiles

You probably believe at least a few of these.

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Fay Brown, Confidentiality, And MAP Unity

An overview of the Fay Brown drama, security tips for MAPs, and a call for unity.

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Prevention Podcast Transcript: Bly Rede – Attraction is not Action

CANDICE: Welcome to the Prevention Podcast. I’m your host, Candice Christiansen. Today we have a wonderful individual who identifies as a non-offending – meaning he’s never offended – minor attracted person who is also anti-contact. He goes by the pseudonym of Bly Rede and his answers will be read by an advocate of NOMAPs whose…

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MAP Advocacy Needs Work

A plea to the MAP/pedophile community to improve on its advocacy.

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Your Questions To Pedophiles, Answered

A comprehensive list of questions asked of pedophiles in a thread on Twitter.

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Pedophiles, Fantasy, Desire, And Rape

This is a topic that is controversial even for pedophiles. Before you begin this, take a few deep breaths, and set aside your fears. We are about to dive into a topic that most people would rather avoid, but when we talk about people with an attraction to children (pedophiles), we need to understand what…

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TGPP Transcript: Evert

Note: This transcript was transcribed by Gonzalo Urritia. Candice: Welcome to the prevention podcast, I’m your host, Candice Christiansen. Our goal, at the prevention podcast, is to talk about dicey, controversial issues related to preventing sexual abuse. Why? Because it needs to be said. Topics include the biology of pedophilia, risk, need and responsivity principles…

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Why someone sexually abuses a child

I’m a registered sex offender. No, I won’t tell you where I live or nothin. You trolls can kiss my ass. I get your reaction. I get you’re mad at me. I get you wanna do all sorts of things to me. But please hear me out, cuz I think this matters. I hurt a…

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You’re a Monster, Piece of Shit, Danger to Children, Etc.

“You’re a monster. You’re a piece of shit. You’re a danger to children and society. You’re inherently evil. You’re the lowest form of scum on Earth. You deserve to die painfully.” Etc, etc, etc….. Any of us who’ve been putting ourselves out there as pedophiles for any amount of time have probably heard these types…

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The (not) Reasons I’m Anti-Contact.

For nearly 20 years now, I have been outspoken on the internet about my pedophilia and about my anti-contact positions as a pedophile. I have done this in various places and under a number of different aliases, but my stance on the core issues of the matter have never changed, regardless of who I found…

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