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Twitter Censors Support For Minor Attracted People

What is the first thing any minor attracted person hears online? “Get help!” “Seek therapy!” is usually the most polite thing you hear – if not death threats, calls for genocide, harassment, bullying, and other forms of hate. On Friday, September 18th, 2020, Twitter suspended MAP Support Club, a support network for minor attracted people:…

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Covid19, Minor Attracted People… and Genuine Sex Abuse Prevention

By now, you may have read in the news that “pedophiles” are online more due to the pandemic, and that you need to “protect your child from the pedophiles.” Except for one glaring problem: There are pedophiles like me that have zero interest in harming children, and most do not harm children. This might seem…

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Strategy and Activism

Discussion around strategy and activism in the MAP community.

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MAP OpSec on Twitter

So, you like Twitter. This will help you use it responsibly.

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Correcting Propaganda About Minor Attracted People

You may have heard about minor attracted people. What you have heard is probably wrong.

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An Ideological War On Minor Attracted People

What if there is currently a war against a group of people? Are you willing to fight?

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Alternatives To Lucy Faithful Foundation’s Sex-Negative Approach

Who should you trust when you reach out for help?

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TGPP Transcript: Janavi, Don’t Offend: India

Note: This podcast was transcribed by David and TNF 13. Original audio. Candice: Welcome to the prevention podcast, I’m your host, Candice Christiansen. Our goal, at the prevention podcast, is to talk about dicey, controversial issues related to preventing sexual abuse. Why? Because it needs to be said. Topics include the biology of pedophilia, risk, need…

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Why someone sexually abuses a child

I’m a registered sex offender. No, I won’t tell you where I live or nothin. You trolls can kiss my ass. I get your reaction. I get you’re mad at me. I get you wanna do all sorts of things to me. But please hear me out, cuz I think this matters. I hurt a…

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The Tragedy of Child Sex Dolls and Artificial CP

  Right now, there are places in the world where a certain type of children are being bought and sold like common commodities. They are shipped from place to place, in secret, often internationally. They are exploited and used without any regard to their feelings or well being. They are provided for the sole purpose…

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