TGPP Transcript: Todd Nickerson

Original audio. Candice: Welcome to the prevention podcast, I’m your host, Candice Christiansen. Our goal, at the prevention podcast, is to talk about dicey, controversial issues related to preventing sexual abuse. Why? Because it needs to be said. Topics include the biology of pedophilia, risk, need and responsivity principles related to non-contact and contact sex... Continue Reading →

A Strange and Terrible Unicorn

The Musings of a Non-Offending, Female Pedophile This is terrifying. Even to write this anonymously makes my heart beat faster. What I’m talking about right now is very difficult for me, because everyone who loves me has told me never to talk about it. You may call me Emma. I am a woman, approximately 30... Continue Reading →

Celibate Pedophilia Without Anguish

I discovered my attractions in my 50s and I knew I’d never act on them, so they never troubled me much I’ve read the six testimonials included in this collection as of today. What will strike outsiders is not so much what they contain as what they lack — the authors are not child molesters! They describe complicated... Continue Reading →

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