The 2019 ATSA Conference

Hi everyone. The following entry is just a brief recap of the day I spent at the 2019 ATSA conference last week, slightly modified from a post I left about it on Virped... Although I haven't been around here much of late, I do still keep in touch with a few other MAPs and also... Continue Reading →

Suicidal Thoughts vs Being Suicidal

The following blog entry doesn't have all that much to do with pedophilia directly, but rather with having suicidal thoughts and feelings vs being actually suicidal, which I contend aren't always necessarily the same thing. I haven't touched this blog in quite a while but this is something I've been thinking about lately and I... Continue Reading →

Accidental Adoption

Disclaimer: Be careful. While I did nothing inappropriate, I am lucky I was never accused of such. Your mileage may vary. So far, this is the biggest story of my life. The child in this story is female-to-male transgender and came out as such and transitioned later, but he was always male inside. I thought... Continue Reading →

Caught in their Filters

I spend some time talking to people on Twitter and other places about what it’s like being a non-offending paedophile. Mostly I am trying to reach out to other paedophiles, but I talk to other people too. Sometimes it seems like everything I say is put through a filter. Maybe they think everything I say... Continue Reading →

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