Are you willing to kill your own child?

Are you? I think one of the most disgusting, abhorrent things you see as a minor attracted person is people advocating for the end of pedophiles, for the deaths of minor attracted people. That we do not belong in society, that we are better off dead. We are your children. We are your coworkers. We…

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Gene Abel is the Poisonous Mushroom of Child Protection Science

To minor attracted people, Gene Abel is mostly a name that is hated. In some academic circles, he is still regarded as a hero to modern-day child protection. Most people who are not familiar regard his facts at face value without digging into it. In this article, I want to explain to the average reader…

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I Told My Dad I Am A Pedophile

It took me a full ten minutes to say this six word sentence to my Dad. He was getting impatient as it was quite uncomfortable seeing me squirm and cover my face with my hands for ten minutes straight.  “Come on.. What’s up? Just tell me already.” “I like girls younger than me”, I said…

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MAP Sensitivity to Victims/Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

There are many issues in MAP culture that are easy to overlook, and possibly the most important issue is how sensitive we are to other marginalized groups. Unfortunately, many of us are somewhat tone-deaf to the plights of other marginalized groups – especially victims/survivors of child sexual abuse. In this article, I will explore some…

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A History of Minor-Attracted People And Our Forward Progress Towards Acceptance: Part 1

Minor-attracted people already get a bad reputation, but some of it is historically well deserved. I know, not the opening line you would expect, and I imagine there are many within the MAP community that will be Very Unhappy (TM) that I am writing let alone publishing something like this. Well, I believe that in…

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Why “Antis” and “Pedophile Hunters” Are Worse Than Pedophiles

When you hear of an anti-MAP or pedophile hunter, you probably think they are doing good to protect kids, right? After all, minor-attracted people are attracted to children. Gross! But what if I told you that these groups of people are doing more harm than good? What if I could prove it? What if I…

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Twitter Censors Abuse Prevention and MAP Support

Update, 1/7/2021: Twitter unsuspended Global Prevention Project. Over 100 MAP accounts and support accounts remain suspended. It is with incredible anger that I report that not only have I been suspended from Twitter with zero reasons given over the weekend, and today, January 5th 2021, the Global Prevention Project. Previously in 2020, Twitter has suspended…

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An Emergency Call To Action Against Twitter’s Anti-Science Policy

We need to organize and we need to do it now. Twitter has changed their policy around minor attraction and what can be said. It is now against their policy to be “promoting or normalizing sexual attraction to minors as a form of identity or sexual orientation.” This is supposed to protect children – but…

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Becoming Comfortable With My Attractions

PrivateYankee, a VirPed member, used to be scared about what he might do to kids so was reluctant to be around them. Over time, he learned to accept himself and be comfortable with being in the company of kids.

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Twitter Censors Support For Minor Attracted People

What is the first thing any minor attracted person hears online? “Get help!” “Seek therapy!” is usually the most polite thing you hear – if not death threats, calls for genocide, harassment, bullying, and other forms of hate. On Friday, September 18th, 2020, Twitter suspended MAP Support Club, a support network for minor attracted people:…

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